Partner Geoscience focuses on understanding the underlying seismic conditions affecting a property.  When finished, this website will become an important resource for Commercial Real Estate Transactions.  Our experienced staff members are actively building content.

Environmental Engineering Blog
Environmental Engineering Consultant Forum

Commercial Real Estate Expert Blog
A host of industry leading real estate professionals, lawyers, and consultants provide the latest in real estate relevant news and advice.

Leed Consultant
LEED Consultants assist in designing projects and providing paperwork for obtaining LEED Certification

Carbon Partner
Business Carbon Footprinting

Partner Engineering and Science
Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments, Property Condition Assessments, Remediation

Property Tax Expert
Property Tax Expert serves to appeal incorrect property tax assessments in Southern California

New York Phase I
New York City centric Phase 1 information resource

LA Methane Testing
National provider of Methane Testing and Surveying